Trainright.NZ - Clever, Effective & Affordable Training

Trainright.NZ = Clever: We are a company that provide effective training using a short duration format. Our training is sorted into bite size training modules and our training areas cover Employment Relations, Workplace Communication and Health & Safety.

Trainright.NZ = Effective: We carry all training out face to face and believe in a non-hierachcal level of training. All attendees hold neutral rank and are encouraged to be there to help, learn and share knowledge with each other.This approach has been shown to increase participation, improve retention and lift engagement for those attending. Training is activity based with a focus on inclusive debate and discussion. All attendees are encouraged to voice their opinions and ideas.

Trainright.NZ = Affordable: We appreciate that training budgets are often hard to justify and secure! The pricing structure of Trainright.NZ modules are set to align with the growth and training requirements of your business. Mix and Match your modules to create the perfect training programme for your company at a price you determine.